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Welcome to Bangkok Garden, the first Thai restaurant in Bergen County. Our Thai cuisine is light, fresh, spicy and not. Each dish traditionally seasoned with many ingredients such as chili pepper, fresh lime juice, onion, shallot, garlic, fresh basil leaves, ginger, mint, lemon grass, kaffir-lime leaves, curry and fish sauce. The secret of our Thai cooking is to maintain a delicate balance between the spices and the main ingredients so that one does not overwhelm the other. Nowhere in the world you can find such exquisite blends of exotic ingredients in such infinite variety.

In our restaurant each dish that serving you is individually prepared from these finest ingredients. The freshness of which is preserved by the various methods of cooking and then seasoned to compliment the natural taste of the ingredients.

You will enjoy the full flavor by trying one at a time, for each dish has it's own distinctive taste. If you like spicy dishes, we guarantee you will not be disappointed by our cooking.

Mail to Bangkok Garden ManagerAt Bangkok Garden, it is a family affair, we are committed to striving for the highest level of customer satisfaction and would be pleased to hear your comments & suggestions.

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